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About the cloud

The business goal of cloud construction is set as a century-old enterprise, and it is now the 11th year. We have gone through countless difficulties and setbacks in the middle, but we still take one step at a time, insist on doing the right thing, and move towards the established goal.


The company's finances are transparent and the actual profit and loss are regularly announced. The role is to educate all employees to treat themselves as bosses, cultivate their maturity in handling things, enable them to use their expertise, and let them bloom their youth and enthusiasm. If the so-called conduct and concepts are right, everything else is also right. In the big cloud family, everyone is actively working towards the boss and the company's business philosophy:

  1. The company's buildings mainly tend to modern buildings and green buildings, with the starting point of caring for the earth and avoiding excessive construction or excessive decoration.

  2. With the long-term goal of building a cloud-based brand, the products are customer-oriented and not commercially oriented.

  3. Firmly believe that shareholders' funds and employee benefits should be equal, so that the company can stabilize and grow, and introduce an employee dividend system.

  4. Adhere to social responsibility for each surplus settlement, and provide a fixed ratio to help children in need in Taiwan.

service items

The company's business is divided into four categories: architecture, construction, interior design, and maintenance services.

From architectural design → construction → interior space planning → after-sales maintenance service, one-stop service, so that customers can avoid encountering bad builders, manufacturers kicking the ball, etc., and take the customer's starting point as the guide to help customers plan their dream homes.

As long as it is about the house, it is about the cloud.

1. Design and planning of new existing housing

2. Sample house design and planning

3. Residential Space Design

4. Commercial Space Planning

5. Medieval House Renovation

​6. Change of pre-sale house

7. Housing construction

8. System furniture

9. Home inspection service

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