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founding story

2011 年 累積豐富經驗後,他希望讓更多家庭有舒適的家,


12年的過程,雲端從 1 人打拼逐漸擴大成
近 20 人的​優秀團隊。

2023 年 雲端團隊,聚集近 20 名不同專長的夥伴,

而雲端也朝公司目標不斷前進 - 百年企業永續經營


這位曾是台積電工程師的青年,現在則是雲端建設的創辦人 - 黃董事長。


Mr. Huang, the founder of Yunyun, worked as an engineer at TSMC from 2000 to 2007.

in touchAfter decorating and building the property, it was discovered that many builders only wanted to make quick money, but ignored the quality of the customers' houses, resulting in endless problems.

        因此於2011年創立雲端建設,堅持好的房屋品質、 Be careful to prevent water leakage and provide after-sales service, just to let customers have a safe and comfortable home.

        如今公司已經營13年,一路上的品質堅持,受到Many customers love it, and it has accumulated a lot of praise.

​        _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_The Yunyun team has gathered more than 20 partners with different expertise so far. Whether it is architectural design, house construction, or interior design, it is not difficult for us. In the future, Yunyun will continue to build high-quality houses for customers. go ahead.  

         雲端用心,請do not worry.


​Business philosophy

The business goal of cloud construction is set as a century-old enterprise, which is now in its 13th year.

After numerous setbacks in the middle, we still insist on doing the right thing and moving towards the established goal.


The company's finances are transparent and the actual profit and loss are announced regularly, which is the role ofEducate all employees so that they can be their own bosses, cultivate their maturity in handling things, give full play to their expertise, and let them bloom their youth and enthusiasm.

If the so-called conduct and concepts are right, everything else is also right.

In the big cloud family, everyone is actively working towards the boss and the company's business philosophy:

  1. Cloud buildings are mainly modern buildings and green buildings, with the starting point of caring for the earth and avoiding excessive construction and decoration.

  2. Establishing a cloud-based brand is a long-term goal, so it is customer-oriented, not commercially oriented.

  3. Firmly believe that shareholders' funds and employee benefits should be equal, so that the company can stabilize and grow, and introduce an employee dividend system.

  4. Adhere to social responsibility for each surplus settlement, and provide a fixed ratio to help children in need in Taiwan.

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